SYSCONA solution at a reasonable price for the reliable detection of oil or solvent residues in PET-Refill bottles
– SYSCONA protects sniffer in PET Refill Lines

In PET-Refill-Lines, residual liquid in bottles is normally detected by means of HF detectors. But what about bottles with oil, benzene or solvent residues? HF detectors let these bottles pass through and this can cause considerable damages on a downstream installed sniffer. Required is a simple solution at a reasonable price that can be installed later in existing lines. For this requirement, SYSCONA designed a reliable solution at a reasonable price on the basis of infrared detection technics that now is successfully used for the first time in the soft drink sector. The infrared transmitter and infrared receiver are horizontally arranged and detect all types of residual liquid such as oil, benzene and the like, reliable detection from a fill level of min. 10 mm. Bottles with residual liquid are reliably detected under ram pressure before the sniffer. The danger of damaging the sniffer by these bottles is eliminated. The stand-alone device is installed at the existing conveyor and needs only a 230V supply. The robust stainless steel construction is typically SYSCONA. Operation and output of the results/data and signals are made via the worldwide proven SYSCONA terminal type “UNICEPT 4” with 6 keys and LCD display.

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Measuring arrangement SYSCONA infrared residual liquid detection station