The label inspection Systems Expert ETK represent a universal concept of a basic system for the reliable quality control of the product in your filling line. Metallic containers, transparent and non-transparent containers made of glass or plastic are controlled with regard to their imprints and/or label.


Product description

Detection of imprints and/or label by means of different measuring methods:

  • Optical sensors
  •  High-resolution networked colour cameras
  • Progressive scanning camera technology

Label control for:

  • Presence of the label
  • Label seat control
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Rotation
  • Label logo
  • Plausibility check (correct label)
  • Best by date: presence or plausibility (depending on
    printing process possible with special OCR software tool)
  • Bar code/EAN
  • Cap Presence
  • Cap skewed on seat (sloped cap)
  • Logo control on cap

Label control on:

  • metallic containers (cans, KEGS or bottles wrapped with foil)
  • transparent and nontransparent containers made of glass or plastic (bottles, tubes, bags or glasses)

Standard equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel, including compact electronics
  • Measuring bridge for the installation of the detection systems including height adjustment
  • Format change by program selection
  • Modern control by means of a microprocessor
  • Integrated logging of the production data
  • Easy operation via clear text display
  • Non-potential contacts for signal exchange, external signal transmitter of conveyor stop
  • Direct drive to a downstream installed SYSCONA ejection system:
    • ProfiPush (system with pneumatic cylinder)
    • ProfiSlide (self driven sorting system for the ejection of glass and PET bottles)
  • Connection for logging of the operational data possible

Technical Data

Capacity 90.000 bph
Power input 200 VA
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Relay points 2
Outputs 10 x 24 V / DC
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 255 / 170 / 250
Weight 150 kg