40fad8fbefThe Bottle Sorting System Expert FSA represent a universal concept of a basic system for the reliable control of the product in your filling line. Bottle Sorting Systems avoid downtimes during the production, the result is an increase of the productivity.


Product description

Modular detection units diffentiate the bottles with regard to:

  • the form (height, diameter)
  • the color
  • the caps
  • the embossing
  • the bottle mouth
  • the labels
  • also material like PEN, PVC, PET and
  • foreign bottles

The video camera system LUXSYS (gray scale value / color camera)
in connection with Syscona ejection systems offer an optimum of detection accuracy and reliability.

Easy Configuration
via menu-driven indication on the screen enables to activate individually measuring windows, measuring lines and measuring points. The number of programs is nearly unlimited; it only depends on the type and capacity of the available memory.

Standard equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel, including compact electronics
  • Measuring bridge for the installation of the detection systems including height adjustment
  • Format change by program selection
  • Modern control by means of a microprocessor
  • Integrated logging of the production data
  • Easy operation via clear text display
  • Non-potential contacts for signal exchange, external signal transmitter of conveyor stop
  • Direct drive to a downstream installed SYSCONA ejection system:
    • ProfiPush (system with pneumatic cylinder)
    • ProfiSlide (self driven sorting system for the ejection of glass and PET bottles)
  • Connection for logging of the operational data possible

Technical Data

Capacity 90.000 bph
Power input 200 VA
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Relay points 2
Outputs 10 x 24 V / DC
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 255 / 170 / 250
Weight 150 kg