Crate Sorting Systems Expert KSA are used in the filling line before the crates pass through the unpacking or packing section. More and more, different crate types are used and have to be sorted. For this ‘job’ SYSCONA Crate Sorting Systems are used in beverage companies in the field of empties transportation.

SYSCONA Crate Sorting Systems are equipped with a graphical detection and diagnosis software developped by SYSCONA. This software is modified according to the individual requirements and the problem definition of our clients. The user can teach-in crate types and memorize them in catalogs. On the basis of this data, sorting charges can be combined and memorized.


Standard equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel, system of protection IP 65
  • Industrial microprocessor control with industrial PC and touch display
  • Operation and visualisation via text display or graphical touch-surface
  • modernest digital image processing
  • Integrated collection of the production data
  • Recording of the deposit value can be integarted
  • Direct drive to a downstream installed SYSCONA ejection system:
    • ProfiPush (system with pneumatic cylinder)
    • ProfiGuide (ejection system for crates and cartons)
  • Connection for logging of the operation data possible
  • Modification according to individual specifications

Kastensortieranlage_IMAG0114Detection systems – image processing

Criteria for the outer crate control

  • Crate basic color
  • Logo (form and color)
  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Crate deformations
  • Crate impurity

Criteria for the inner crate control

  • Residual caps on bottles
  • Faulty bottles with regard to the bottle height, bottle diameter, bottle color and bottle material (PET, glass, PEN, PVC).
  • Objects hindering the unpacking of the crate (e. g.bottles turned upside down, horizontal lying bottles, foreign elements)

An optimum of accuracy and reliability is realized by a flexible crate sorting system using individual detection systems:

  • Sensors (ultrasonic scanner, metal proximity switch, light scanner, light barriers, luminescence scanner and color scanner)
  • Image processing systems (CCD gray scale value camera, CCD color camera, application-depending illuminating device)

Description of the operating surface

Only crates memorized by teach-in into the catalog in the software can be identified and sorted. The new crate has to pass the detection unit, then the data have to be memorized in the catalog.

Now, sorting charges can be combined by means of the catalog. Then, the conveyors can be selected on which crates or groups of crates from this list should be sorted out. The crates selected from the catalog are dragged to the conveyors. This sorting charges can be memorized for later use.

The sorting process itself is running automatically. If not enough conveyors are installed, the sorting can be done in several steps i. e. single conveyors can be configurated as buffers for further sortings.

Technical background

SYSCONA technicians developed the special software with graphical operating surface, running on a high speed industrial PC with the operating system Windows XP Professional that is the basis of the new SYSCONA Crate Sorting System.

The following jobs are done by this software:

First the crates that should be identified and sorted are memorized in a data bank – one might say the system is “taught” it’s job.

During the operation, within the fraction of a second, the data from the color camera system have to be compared with the data memorized in the catalog. For lack of time, the linear comparison of all information of the data bank with the crate actually passing through the system is not possible.

To manage still this job, SYSCONA developed an algorithm that linked the crate logo with other crate characteristics. As a result, the definite identification of the crate can be guaranteed – even in case of high speed and several hundred crate types.

Crates that can not be clearly identificated e. g. crates that are not memorized in the data bank or differ widely from the standard crates can be sorted out by means of the SYSCONA Sorting System ProfiTangens so that they can be sorted manually.

Besides the identification of crates, another job of the software is to ensure the transport of the definitely identified crates to the correct conveyor e. g. by means of the ejection system ProfiPush. The conveyor on which the crate should be sorted out can be freely selected via the operating surface.

Determination of the deposit value

The recording of the deposit value can be integrated in a SYSCONA Crate Sorting System. The deposit value of the crates passing through is calculated and refered to the corresponding trucks (Tours).

Technical Data

Measuring principle project dependent
Capacity 6.000 c / h
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Crate types project dependent
(up to 1000)


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