Residual Liquid Detection Systems are used to avoid that bottles containing still residual lye after their cleaning are filled and might be bad for health.

The Residual Liquid Detection System LC 10 is used for the safe and reliable control of bottles on residual lye even in case of small quantities of liquid. As an option, the detections for remaining foils, metal caps (crown corks) and metallic foreign bodies on the bottom of the bottle are available.

The automatic calibration of the system and the constant sensitivity even in case of changed environmental conditions is realized by means of the intelligent microprocessor control.

The reliable functionality of the system is realized by the constant self-monitoring and error diagnosis including signal output via non-potential contact (conveyor stop, lamp, alarm, bottle stopper) .


Standard Equipment

  • Complete unit for self-installation
  • Construction protection IP 65
  • Digital sensitivity adjustment
  • Indication of the residual quantity via two-colored LED bar graph
  • Modification according to individual specifications

Technical Data

Measuring principle High frequency
Capacity 90.000 bph
Power input 20 VA
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Opto-coupler max 20 mA
Relay points 230 AC / 2A
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 250 / 260 / 170
Dimensions sensor L / W / H in mm 106 / 60 / 30
Weight 4 kg