First full-sized crate ejecting system up to 7000 boxes / h.

Incomparably secure high-speed sorting on up to 3 lanes.

With this patented solution, the containers are gently guided in a new way by electrical deflection brackets over the entire ejection path and are not merely “ejected”.


  • Your crate or carton lines run with a speed up to 7000 cph.
  • There is only a very small distance between the crates or cartons.
  • You want to divide on 2 or 3 lanes on a very narrow space.
  • You require only the slightest time and effort for modification
  • Typical malfunctions such as crate jams are to be eliminated for all line speeds
  • You expect the highest function safety and long-lifetime and time and effort for maintenance near to nothing

…and you expect a solution at a reasonable price.

The SYSCONA solution has the following distinguishing features:

  • Very short deviation distance by a pneumatic patent applied deviation strap
  • Linear deviation line of sliding elements, lowerable in no time
  • Very low-friction and long-life sliding elements
  • In comparison with other constructions with the same face-to-face dimensions, a smaller deviation angle can be realized; this allows a lower crate acceleration and eliminates the danger of jams.
  • Use of very low-maintenance quality components
  • Easy operation, no special knowledge of the operators necessary
  • Very low noise level, for heavy-duty, long-lifetime

…and an attractive price.

The System Construction

The deviation point and the pneumatically positioned linear sliding line form a simple construction that can be completed by simple guiding elements and
can also be installed above existing conveyors.

The deviation System

Positioned in no time, a special formed deviation strap softly turns the crate or carton at a very short distance to the deviation direction – it can’t be done easier!

SYSCONA Kontrollsysteme – the think tank

  • Complete product program for inspection and separation tasks
  • In particular, very successful in the development of up-to-date and future technology
  • World-wide represented by competent partners and distributors, full in situ service
  • Well-known for customer optimized solutions, reliable and low-maintenance systems
  • Top references in the most important filling and distribution plants all over the world

Technical Data

Capacity up to 7.000 crates/h
Versions 2 and 3 ways
Power input 0,25 KW
Power supply 240 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Compressed air min. 5bar
Relay points 3
Dimensions L / W / H in mm 1500 / 1500 / project depending
Weight approx. 150 kg


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