Unicept VKK represents a universal concept of a basic system for the reliable control of crates, cartons, etc. in your filling plant.

The microprocessor -controlled system checks crates, cartons, etc. on a single conveyor or on several parallel running conveyors with regard to their completeness.

A measuring bridge with scanning sensors ckecks the crates or cartons continuously passing through in a non-regulated way with regard to the number of bottles or cans in every row of the crate or carton.

This control system ensures that no incompletely filled crate or carton leaves your filling plant.


Detection systems

  • optical scanning by light barriers
  • optical scanning by a video camera (for complex detection functions)
  • acoustical scanning by ultrasonics
  • inductive scanning by metal proximity switch
  • weight scanning by checkweigher

Standard Equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction including compact electronics
  • Construction in stainless steel, system of protection IP 65
  • Installation of the detection systems in a measuring bridge with height adjustment
  • Format change by program selection
  • Modern industrial microprocessor control
  • Integrated production data recording and operation instruction via text display
  • Non-potential contacts for signal exchange, external signal transmitter or conveyor stop
  • Connection for logging of the operational data possible
  • Direct drive to a downstream installed SYSCONA ejection system:
    • ProfiPush (system with pneumatic cylinder)
    • ProfiGuide (ejection system for crates and cartons)
  • Modification according to individual specifications

Special functions

  • Measuring compensation for center variations of the bottles in the crate
  • “teach in” functions

Technical Data

Measuring principle project depending
Capacity 4.000 cph
Power input 500 VA
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Relay points 3
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 255 / 250 / 170
Weight 30 kg