7db121d17fKEG Identification Systems Expert FISS are used in filling or sorting lines in which empties or filled KEGS are processed. KEG identification systems avoid downtimes during the production e. g. by foreign KEGS in the filling line, the result is an increase of the productivity.



of the empty KEGS with regard to:

  • Coding of the machine readable clear text
  • Deformation of the pile beads
  • Center anomalies of the fittings
  • Different fittings
  • Position detection of the filler neck of KEGS
  • Control of the outer KEG with regard to logo, color code, deformation, damages of the PU cover


of the filled KEGS with regard to:

  • Foam leaking out
  • Presence and position of the seal cover
  • Presence of labels
  • Dating

Standard equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel, system of protection IP 65
  • Connection for logging of the operational data possible
  • Direct drive to a downstream installed SYSCONA ejection system:
    • ProfiPush (system with pneumatic cylinder)
  • Modification according to individual specifications (e. g.KEG logistics)

Technical Data

Measuring principle videometric control
Capacity 1.500 barrels/h
Power input 1.000 VA
Power supply 230V / AC / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Relay points 3
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 600 / 400 / 1.800
Dimensions detector L / W / H in mm 450 / 260 / project depending
Weight approx. 150 kg


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