ProfiSonic is a system for the detection of leaky containers.

Leaking carbonic acid leads to a quality loss of bottles, cans and barrels filled with a product containing CO2.

Complaints of the clients and a drop in sales are the result of this quality loss.

To prevent this, an ultrasonic bath can be installed in your filling line. The product in a leaky bottle is foamed up by means of vibrations within the water bath.

Because of this foaming up the liquid leaks out and the fill level sinks.

Now, the underfilled bottles can be detected by means of a Syscona Fill Level Control System and automatically sorted out by means of an ejection system. A suitable installation place for this equipment is for example between filler and labeller.


Quality assurance

by early detection of damages causing leakage:

  • defective seal rings of bottles with cliplock
  • material fatigue of the cliplock
  • leaky PET and PVC bottles
  • leakage caused by caps such as crown corks, screw caps, Twist Off, natural or plastic cork
  • leakage caused by damaged bottle mouth
  • leak cans, barrels and KEG by defective caps

Standard equipment

  • for bottles or cans, single lane construction or multi-lane construction
  • for barrels, KEGS and crates
  • complete system
  • construction in stainless steel, system of protection IP 65
  • modification according to individual specifications

Technical Data

Measuring principle Ultrasonic
Bottles / cans 60.000
Barrels 1.500/h
Crates 4.000/h
Power input 4,5 KVA
Power supply 230/400 V 50/60 Hz
Control voltage 24 V/DC
Relay points 3
Dimensions electronics L / W / H in mm 600 / 400 / 1800
Water 400 Ltr.
Weight approx. 350 kg


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