Plastic pallet – inspection system BPP – PKD – Optical and mechanical pallet inspection
Syscona plastic pallet – full inspection
Latest full-inspection solution with state-of-the-art technology for optical and mechanical fault detection.
CapSonic – a most persuasive new product:
 The SYSCONA – Leakage Inspection System
Inspection-Unit for touch-less and most accurate and reliable detection of leakages under a certain pressure in containments like bottles with metal cap based on most modern acoustic signal analysis and intelligent data processing.
ProfiSlide – bottle ejection for each type of bottle
The bottle ejection system ProfiSlide
ejects nearly any type of mixed bottles.
In this video two bottle sorting systems could be seen that ejects on five lanes each.
Expert KSA – the Syscona crate sorting system
used in large sorting centers to sort completely mixed empties and deliver back to the supplier.
ProfiGuide – the crate ejecting system
The Syscona ProfiGuide crate ejecting system impresses with high performance, longevity and simplicity.
It is also low-maintenance and low-noise. These are all characteristics which will convince both the financial and the maintenance department. In the video you see the sorting on 10 lanes at the Krombacher brewery.