The ejection system ProfiSlide V6 is a hightech ejection system for glass and PET bottles, cans and small packages.

Even in case of dynamic capacities of the line, the ejection of the containers in standing position on parallel running conveyors can be guaranteed by the soft oversliding.

The combination of a Syscona control system and an ejection system completes the process automation.

Different systems are available, depending on the product, the containers and the capacity of the line.

SYSCONA ejection systems are also available as independent devices for the connection to detection systems of other manufacturers.


Standard equipment

  • Solid mechanical construction in stainless steel
  • Independent of package format (e. g. round or squared), different diameter, height, shape or filling quantity.
  • Ejection in standing position even in case of regularly changing container characteristics.
  • Sorting or distribution on multi-lane conveyor belts by installation in series
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Encoder-controlled own drive with servomotor
  • Synchronous drive controlled by microprocessor
  • Integrated operation panel with clear text display
  • Non-potential contacts for signal exchange, external signal transmitter of conveyor stop
  • Logging of the operational data possible
  • Connection to all kinds of control systems
  • modification according to individual specifications

Technical Data

Capacity 50.000 bph
Power input 2,0 kVA
Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V / DC
Pneumatic ejection R 3/8″
Working pressure min. P = 4 bar
Air consumption 0,03 l per stroke
Relay points 3
Dimensions L / W / H in mm 1.550 / 550 / project depending
Weight approx. 280 kg


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