SYSCONALeakage Inspection System

CapSonic open-bottle

Inspection-Unit for touch-less and most accurate and reliable detection of leakages under a certain pressure in containments like bottles with metal cap based on most modern acoustic signal analysis and intelligent data processing.

The Exceptional Features:

  • automatic bottle distance compensation
  • Compensation of variable impacts (temperature, characteristic of caps or lidsp, a.s.o.) by automated parameter adaption (system intelligence)
  • Special excitation of containment tops (caps)
  • Direct indication of the inside pressure of customer test-containment by a transponder-sensor for system adjustment and approval
  • Ultra-compact sizes of the station
  • Most favorable price-performance-relation

With this new SYSCONA Leakage Inspection System the risk of faults of sealing, cap or filler can be minimized and the suck-in of water into a bottle after a pasteurizer can be avoided. Applications in Germany and abroad are showing the reliable function and beneficial effect.

The installation of this leakage inspection unit after a labeling machine is a typical application. The unique characteristic of the system is the integration of signal analysis and processing inside the high performance acoustic sensor. This leads to a most compact and inexpensive design of this product. Considering the most robust and highly durable stainless steel design of housing, terminal and height-adjustable pillar this SYSCONA solution is a real new perspective for modern bottling plants!

Capsonic Pressure-detection-bottle

The CapSonic leakage inspection system has a completely modular structure. So customers can get it as a stand-alone-unit as well integrated in a regular SYSCONA “Expert” label or fill level inspection system of the latest generation. Any upgrading of existing systems is easily possible. The teach-in of further bottles or the adjustment of existing bottle-setups to any changing conditions can be done at the comfortable user surface without a high requirement for qualification. Modern CanBus-technology is on board. Remote access is provided in the standard system.

SYSCONA CapSonic user desktop
SYSCONA CapSonic user desktop
Capsonic Pressure-detection
pressure measurement in a test bottle

Customers may order the optional SYSCONA test measurement device for most precise determination of inside pressure and temperature of a regularly filled containment. This comprises a most modern transponder-based mini-sensor just to be inserted into a test containment (e.g. test bottle) of the customer, furthermore a radio receiver-unit. With such data the user can determine the initial set of parameters or adjust or check the proper threshold value considering the real conditions of the application.

Technical Data:

feature data / information
maximum line performance 60.000 bph
leakage detection reliability typical: >99%, depending on case and definition of pressure variance

– relative position to bottle neck and cap

– oscillation parameter for decision threshold

– threshold level

display for user

– ok / not ok decision, count values

– system configuration, adjustments, analysis


– stand-alone-unit with ss-pillar, height adjustment and indication, terminal

– leakage inspection unit with ss-pillar, height adjustment and indication, integration in SYSCONA terminal system „Expert“


– power supply 230 V~, sensor unit: 24V=

– CanBus-port, RJ 45 network port

sensor unit size l x b x h: 207 x 264 x 250 mm