Vessel rejection


The ProfiCurve reject system is used to safely reject bottles, cans, or comparable containers onto a multi-lane discharge conveyor. 

Rejection takes place by means of a cascade of linear motor-driven extendible and retractable slides which are less wide than the object dimension in the transport direction. At the height of the container to be rejected, one slide after the other is extended or swiveled in so that their end surfaces form a kind of deflection railing in the form of a deflection straight line or deflection curve along which individual containers are diverted onto a multi-lane reject table or a parallel conveyor.


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ProfiCurve- reliable rejection

The system structure

The deflection point consists of a cascade of linear motor-driven extendable and retractable slides and therefore offers a simple very space-saving design that can also be mounted over existing conveyor lines.

The deflection system

A super-fast electric and specially shaped ejection elements guided the bottles into the designated lanes.

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